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Is participation in the competition on the paid basis?

We ask participants to pay an organizational fee of (1000 RUB). The payment is made through a special application form on the website of the competition after filling in an application of a participant. Visa and Mastercard bank cards are eligible for payment, as well as Yandex.Money e-currency.

What am I guaranteed to get as a participant of this competition?

Your project will be published on our website with an active link to your portfolio, your participation will be announced on our accounts on social networks, and you will receive the certificate of participation, as well as an invitation to all the lectures, master-classes of the MJDW main event in the Artplay.

I reside outside of Russian Federation. Can I apply for the competition?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for the competition. But you will have to guarantee that you will send an original copy of your project to the organizers of the competition. The shipping charges you will have to pay yourself, as well as the project's insurance, which is voluntary. Also, the participant that will be included into the short-list, but will not provide his project for the exposition up until December 10th 2016, is deprived of the opportunity to be one the winners of the competition. The participant is not excluded from the short-list of the competition, but the organizational fee is not refunded.

I would like to apply a single project for multiple nominations. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. But you will have to fill in an appropriate number of applications on the website with an indication of the category you are applying for, and you will have to pay the respective number of organizational fees. In other word, one nomination-one application.

I want to apply multiple sketches. Is a single sketch a single nomination, or not?

That depends on what you are willing to apply for the competition. If you are applying a series or a set of items, then this will be a single nomination and a single organizational fee. But if you are applying multiple different items, which are neither a series nor a set, the each of them requires a separate nomination, and the respective number of organizational fees.

Can we apply for the competition if we have a collaborative project?

Yes, that is possible. But you will have to indicate the name of your creative team or brand, as well as you have to be one the project's authors.

I have multiple projects, can I apply them for the competition in a single application form?

That depends on the projects. If those items have a single concept, whether it's a set or a series of items, then you are eligible to make a single application form and pick a respective nomination. But if those items have completely different concepts, then you will have to fill in a separate application form for each of those items.

I don't know which nomination I should apply for.

Send us your project via e-mail, we will recommend you the most suitable nomination.

Can I apply the project, that has already participated in other competitions before?

Yes. We have no restrictions to the date of creation, or participation of the project in other competitions.

I don't have a bank card/the paymet did't pass. What I should do?

Please let us know about this via e-mail. We will send you a receipt.

Will I be registered for the competition, if I've filled in the application form, but didn't pay the fee?

Unfortunately, your application won't be considered. The organizational fee exists in order to cover at least a certain part of expenses of the competition's organization. The participant is eligible for registration only subject to a filled in application form, and a paid organizational fee.

Can I apply someone else's project for the competition?

No. You can apply only you own project for the competition, and you will have to guarantee , that you are the author of the project, and that information, applied for the competition, is credible. In case of a proven violation of copyrights or third party rights in regards to a certain project, this project is disqualified, and the organizational fee, paid by the participant is not refunded.

Can I alter the description of the project after applying for the competition?

For all the issues regarding the alteration of the project's description, please, contact us via e-mail, or through private messages on our accounts on social networks.

Will the photographs of my project, or my sketches, or information about my projects be published anywhere?

We are publishing the photographs of our participant's projects with description on our website, on our social networks accounts, and on print media materials (graphic products, banners, flyers, etc.) of MJDW, as well as on venues of the project's partners and other media sources. Any other use of application’s information is possible only with applicant’s consent.

What should I do, if I am unable to attend the award ceremony?

It's not a big deal, just inform us about it. The cash reward to the winner can be transferred to the operating bank account, and the prizes for those, who will be included into the short-list of the competition, can be sent by mail.
So, therefore only the presence of the original copy of the project on the competition is of the utmost importance, in case it will be included into the short-list.

Do I have to pay any taxes?

The winner who received a cash reward or a valuable prize, if needed will have to pay the taxes, according to the current legislation.

Is it mandatory to use precious metals and precious/semi-precious stones in the process of the item's creation?

No, it's not mandatory. The jury of the competition will evaluate only the aesthetic properties of the items, and their artistic value.

Is hallmark required on items made out of precious metals?

No, it's not required. The items won't be sold at the events of the competition. The goal of the final exhibition is to demonstrate the projects of the participants who were considered to be winners, or were included into the short-list of the competition.

I've changed my mind about taking part in the competition, please, refund my organizational fee.

Contact us using the e-mail, that was used in the application, and we will conceal our project. The organizational fee is non-refundable. The organizational fee exists in order to cover at least a certain part of expenses of the competition's organization.

*In a case if you were unable to find the answer to your question, contact us via e-mail, or send a private message to one of our competition's accounts on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest).