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Individuals of any ages and from any countries of residence are eligible to enter the competition without any restrictions to education and experience in their specialized areas.

In order to enter the competition a participant has to fill in the application form which is posted on the website of the competition www.mjdw.ru, and to attach the photo of his/her project.

In order to take part in the competition participant has to pay an organizational fee of 1000 RUB for a single application (17$ or 15€). The payment is made through a special application form on the website of the competition after filling in an application of a participant (http://mjdw.ru/eng/step1/).

A single application can contain either a single item, a set of items, or a series of items.

In all nomination categories for the exception of the “Sketches” category only fully completed projects are accepted.

The number of projects submitted for the competition by a single participant in different nomination categories is unlimited.

Applications included in the short-list of the competition will be presented on the exhibition.

The full list of rules is available in the Provision of the competition section of the website.